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About Roar Calisthenics Academy

Roar Calisthenics Academy was established in 2014, being the first ever International Calisthenics Club and the first Calisthenics Club in New Zealand.  Roar Calisthenics Academy started with one member, doing one on one trainings.  From there, our first girl brought a friend, who brought her cousin, who brought another friend and so on.

In 2014 we had 7 members, in 2015 we had 8 members and in 2016 we grew to 12!! Bring on 2018!


The main objective of Roar Calisthenics is to provide a safe, friendly and encouraging environment for the girls to learn and develop.  It is also a huge goal to ensure that the girls develop and learn to love the performance side of Calisthenics.  


Since starting in 2014, we have had an End of Year concert, Dress Rehearsals, Santa Parada Performances, School Carnival Performances and a Competition which have all helped in the teams development. 


At Roar Calisthenics Academy - we want our girls to have fun and make life long friends, anything and everything else is an added bonus!   

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