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Q. Does the audience need to wear masks during the performance?

The venue (Epsom Girls Grammar and the Raye Freedman Arts Centre) require all patrons to wear a mask for the duration of the performances and mask-wearg is strongly encouraged throughout the Arts Centre. For more Covid information on the Raye Freedman Arts Centre, visit their website 


In the Orange Covid setting, you do not need to wear a face mask at a gathering, but it is encouraged.  Workers and volunteers at gatherings must wear face masks - unless they are exempt. 


Those parents helping backstage are also required to wear masks to minimise transmission in what is a workspace (for the School and Arts Centre).


Q. What’s being done to keep people safe?

We ask that anyone - including any of the performers - do not attend the showcase if they are feeling unwell or experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms. During the day the event team will be practising and encouraging good hygiene practices with regular hand-washing, hand-sanitizer, social distancing where possible. We’re committed to managing the risk of Covid to the performers and their families, while also ensuring it’s a fun and enjoyable experience for all!


Q. What should I do if my child is sick before or on the day?

We know how disappointing it would be for a performer to become unwell on or before the big day - especially given they have all worked so hard! We ask however that you think of the other families, and please ask you to keep your child at home - as difficult as that may be.


Q. What can I do to help my child get ready for the Showcase?

Every child is likely to go through a range of emotions leading up to the event including excitement and perhaps nervousness. There has been a lot of preparation leading up to the event and we have talked about what to expect during our classes. Having the performers there to do a rehearsal and get familiar with the space - stage, lighting, is all part of the preparation to help them feel comfortable and confident. 


As a family, the best support is ensuring your child has a good nights’ sleep beforehand, a healthy breakfast in the morning with snacks and lunch for the day and that they arrive on time.


Q. Do I need to collect / bring the costumes or make up?

No - all costumes and make up will be ready for the performers on the day, back stage. The costumes must also not be taken home.

Q. Who do I contact if I'm running late or can't find the venue?

Please contact your group's Chaperons.  Jess will not be contactable in the morning as she will be busy with stage rehearsals and lighting prep. 

Q. Can I take photos during the Showcase? Any do’s and don’ts?

The performances will be videoed and there will be professional photos available to be purchased. There is strictly no recording on personal devices permitted and no flash photography. You can take photos, however we’d encourage you to be present, in the moment and enjoy the show!

We want to avoid distractions for the performers while they are on stage, so we ask families to support them by watching and applauding at the end of each routine. Cheering and waving during the routine can throw the performers’ focus and there will be plenty of time to celebrate their beautiful performance after the show!

Q. What time should we arrive for the Showcase?

Performers and their supporters have been given their schedules for arrival, rehearsals and getting ready. For friends and family in the audience, we suggest you arrive at 1:00pm, ready for the Showcase to start at 1:30pm. The Showcase will finish by 3:30pm.


Q. Where can I park?

There is limited parking at the school.  Here is some info on the Raye Freedman website on parking and finding the venue 


Q. What if I can no longer make it? How do I get a refund?

All ticketing queries are a matter for Event Ticket Seller iticket, who you can contact here:

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