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  • Can we trial the class before we commit to the term?
    Of course. We offer a FREE trial class for your first lesson! This way you can come and see what we are all about before you commit to the term.
  • Where are your classes?
    Classes are held at the Leicester Hall in Ellerslie.
  • How much do classes cost?
    Fees are based on the annual cost to partake in Calisthenics, divided by four terms. Fees include all hall hire, lesson fees, showcase costs, and club admin. Please note, uniforms and costume levies are not included in fees. The costume levy is a one-off fee Cubs - $120 per term + $40 costume levy Tinies - $140 per term + $80 costume levy Sub Juniors - $150 per term + $90 costume levy Juniors - $165 per term + $100 costume levy Masters - $150 per term + $120 costume levy Solo - $300 per item + $90-$150 costume levy Uniforms are additional.
  • Is any dance experienced required?
    Not at all. Classes are tailored to suit varied dance levels.
  • What do I need to wear?
    If you are attending a trial class, please wear some leggings and tshirt - something comfortable for your dancer to move around in. Once enrolled, a class uniform can be purchased which will consist of a leotard, bike shorts or leggings and club tshirt.
  • What are your term dates?
    Our term dates align with school terms. Dates listed below are approximate - a finalised schedule will be provided once registered. Term 1: Monday 7 February to Thursday 14 April 2022 Term 2: Monday 2 May to Saturday 9 July 2022 Term 3: Monday 25 July to Saturday 1 October 2022 Term 4: Monday 17 October to Saturday December 4 2022 Please note, no classes are scheduled for the school holidays.
  • Can I join halfway through the term?
    Yes! In most cases you are welcome to join a class at any point of the term. In fact, if you are wanting to enrol during the term we encourage you to do so rather than waiting for the next term to start. Please note - new enrolments and trial classes are only offered until May. As we have set choreography, formations and costuming to consider, we do not offer any trial classes or new enrolments past May.
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    Unfortunately we don’t offer make up classes or refunds if you miss a class unless it is for sickness and you can provide a medical certificate.
  • Do you offer solo lessons?
    Yes, we do! If you're interested in solo / private lessons, please get in touch via email.
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